Optical Solutions

Igiant Optics Co., Ltd.

Cell Phones, Headphones, Watches, Tablets

Consuming electronic products, such as wireless earphone, smart watch have been moving forward with new models and are installed with various types of micro sensor, but the developing period and product’s life time are relatively short. Igiant undergoes strict practice to conduct projects and precisely controls development costs and schedule in order to meet clients’ expectation.

Medical endoscopy

To echo the demand, seeking more tiny and thinner design, Igiant can develop micro-molding component, applied for medical use with clients.

Car sensor

Vehicle sensor calculates distance by sensing light reflection, emitting in environment. Igiant can customize micro-molding components with profound injection technique and apply LDS on the mechanic design as added value.

Professional Certification

Quality certification

ISO 9001、ISO 14001

Quality policy

Total Quality Assurance, Excellent Management, Customer Satisfaction.

Environmental policy

Full participation, care the earth, comply with laws and regulations, pollution prevention, continuous improvement.
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We continue to improve the quality and operational capacity to meet customer requirements and expectations.