Industrial Applications

Igiant Optics Co., Ltd.

Mobile and 3C consumer product

Due to the rapid upgrading in technology, complex product requirement and short turn around time, Igiant incorporates the most efficient software for simulation to reduce developing time and shorten RD period. All the efforts are to allow customers to launch the new product in fastest pace.


Igiant applies insert molding technology to achieve the precise molding of composite components in the field of semiconductor applications.

Medical endoscopy

Medical-grade products always require the highest hygienic, precision and stability standards. Igiant has developed medical grade micro injection technique and implemented it with precision injection, molding and automation equipment in clean room environment for a complete production system.

Car sensor

Igiant has been aggressively pursuing the automotive industry with products such as back end, side view and interior camera module. With visibility of electronic vehicle, equipped with ADAS system increasing, Igiant will continue to put resources in the filed and develop relevant products.

Aerospace technology

Aerospace industry holds strict protocol to supervise raw material. The specification and design of component are complex, which makes it difficult to form parts during injection. Igiant’s years of experience in injection and precise quality control system are guarantee to maintain high quality output and keep our clients competent in market.

Optical camera module

As the trend and demand in market changes instantly, the lens module has been upgraded and developing into more complex design. Igiant is able to provide one stop service from lens design to trial run.